Nuovi modelli per la Rottamazione Ter: tutte le info

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On the website of the Revenue Collection Agency, the new models are available to adhere to the extension of the Scrapping Te r ( DA-2018-R ). 


How to present the models


There are three ways of submitting the request (which must be submitted by 31 July):

  • online from the Revenue Agency website, using the “Do it yourself” service
  • at the Territorial Counters of former Equitalia 
  • through Pec by sending the forms to the address of the regional management of the Agency to which the taxpayer refers

Taxpayers will be able to integrate the applications sent previously by indicating the new loads they intend to “scrap”. “Late” applications – submitted after April 30, 2019 – will not have to be resubmitted.


How to pay


As regards payments , the new rules established by the Growth Decree apply:

  • in a single solution by 30 November
  • in installments (with a maximum number of 17 installments)

By 31 October 2019 , former Equitalia will send the notices of acceptance (total or partial) of the requests. In case of installments of the amounts, the communication will be accompanied by the pre-filled bulletins for the payment of the first installments. 

Furthermore, for debts of less than 20 thousand euros, the terms for joining the so-called Balance and Extract have been reopened : in this case too, applications must be submitted by 31 July and the models can be downloaded from the website of the Revenue Collection. 


How to cancel the debt with former Equitalia


However, even if you have already joined the Ter Scrap , you can save even more (or even cancel your debt ). A verification of the documents can in fact completely reverse your situation. It seems incredible, but over 87% of the documents issued by former Equitalia contain defects of form and notification that cancel the debt.


Find out why your debt can also be canceled


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