Come gestire e annullare un fermo amministrativo

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annullare un fermo amministrativo

How to manage and cancel an administrative detention

Have you been stopped by the police and your vehicle was found to be under administrative detention after the checks? You wanted to sell your car but the car agency told you that there is an administrative detention? Did you receive an administrative detention notice from the Revenue-Collection Agency?

Diego’s story

In this article I’ll tell you what happened to Mr. Diego because this story could be yours. After receiving an administrative detention on his car in June 2016, Mr. Diego started looking for solutions other than paying his debt immediately with the taxman, because, if it is true that he was afraid to drive by car, he was aware also that the collection agent had committed irregularities.

In an attempt to deepen his knowledge a little, he met my company and set up a meeting with us. Having examined the documentation, I promptly advised him to appeal, because from what he had told us and from the documents he had brought with him, the former Equitalia had actually committed many irregularities and was in the wrong. 

Which, as I told you, happens much more often than you can imagine. And so we took legal action by filing an appeal with the Milan Justice of the Peace who, having confirmed the irregularities that emerged following an analysis of the documentation provided by one of our lawyers, canceled the notice of administrative detention … but not only! 

But, before explaining how you can defend yourself (because as you have actually been able to see it is possible), it is advisable to understand more. You can find the story you have read, in the smallest details, in the first chapter of my book “Liberati da Equitalia”, next to its third edition and already BestSeller Amazon. By clicking here you can download the first chapter of my book where I will answer the following questions:

  • What does the administrative detention entail?
  • How to find out if you have an administrative detention? 
  • What solutions can you use, if you find yourself with an administrative detention?
  • How do you remove an administrative detention (when illegitimate)?

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